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A bunch of backend-agnostic types that can be leveraged to build a renderer for iced.

The native path of the Iced ecosystem


pub use widget::*;
pub use backend::Backend;
pub use layer::Layer;
pub use renderer::Renderer;


Align and position widgets.

Write a graphics backend.

Find system fonts or use the built-in ones.

Organize rendering primitives into a flattened list of layers.

Display interactive elements on top of other widgets.

Create a renderer from a Backend.

Draw geometry using meshes of triangles.

Use the graphical widgets supported out-of-the-box.

Draw graphics to window surfaces.


A color in the sRGB color space.

A 2D point.

A rectangle.

An amount of space in 2 dimensions.

A 2D transformation matrix.

A 2D vector.

A viewing region for displaying computer graphics.


Alignment on the axis of a container.

An antialiasing strategy.

The background of some element.

A graphical error that occurred while running an application.

A font.

A rendering primitive.