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Crate contains types and implementations for communicating with i3. Also contained is protocol level communication using io::Read and Write


For subscribing and receiving events, each struct matches a particular Subscribe variant. For instance, subscribing with Subscribe::Workspace will net Event::Workspace when workspace events are sent over the ipc.

For sending messages to i3

Contains structs for deserializing messages from i3


Instead of returning an enum, we’re returning a struct containing the Msg type and some body. An advantage to this over the enum method is that there is no minimum memory size that we must have. This is helpful when some variants are very large compared to others, as in the case of say reply::Node vs reply::Config



Types implementing this are provided a connect function and return a stream

Trait containing methods to encode and decode message from i3


Given an event type and payload this function will deserialize the proper struct

get socket path from i3