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Slint Runtime Library

NOTE: This library is an internal crate of the Slint project. This crate should not be used directly by applications using Slint. You should use the slint crate instead.

WARNING: This crate does not follow the semver convention for versioning and can only be used with version = "=x.y.z" in Cargo.toml.


The animation system

This module contains types that are public and re-exported in the slint-rs as well as the slint-interpreter crate as public API.

The backend is the abstraction for crates that need to do the actual drawing and event loop

Callback that can be connected to one single handler.

This module contains the basic datastructures that are exposed to the C API

Graphics Abstractions.

Module handling mouse events

This module contains the code moving the keyboard focus between items

module for rendering the tree of items

This module contains code that helps navigating the tree of item

This module contains the builtin items, either in this file or in sub-modules.

Runtime support for layouts.

Model and Repeater

Property binding engine.

module for the SharedVector and related things

FFI-friendly slice

module for the SharedString and related things

Functions useful for testing

module for basic text layout

Support for timers.

Exposed Window API


Instantiate a static ComponentVTable for a given type and implements vtable::HasStaticVTable<ComponentVTable> for it.

Instantiate a static ItemVTable for a given type and implements vtable::HasStaticVTable<ItemVTable> for it.

Instantiate a static ItemVisitorVTable for a given type and implements vtable::HasStaticVTable<ItemVisitorVTable> for it.

This macro allows producing debug output that will appear on stderr in regular builds and in the console log for wasm builds.


A Callback that can be connected to a handler.

Color represents a color in the Slint run-time, represented using 8-bit channels for red, green, blue and the alpha (opacity). It can be conveniently converted using the to_ and from_ (a)rgb helper functions:

A Property that allow binding that track changes

RgbaColor stores the red, green, blue and alpha components of a color with the precision of the generic parameter T. For example if T is f32, the values are normalized between 0 and 1. If T is u8, they values range is 0 to 255. This is merely a helper class for use with Color.

A string type used by the Slint run-time.

SharedVector holds a reference-counted read-only copy of [T].

A texture is stored in read-only memory and may be composed of sub-textures.


A brush is a data structure that is used to describe how a shape, such as a rectangle, path or even text, shall be filled. A brush can also be applied to the outline of a shape, that means the fill of the outline itself.

A resource is a reference to binary data, for example images. They can be accessible on the file system or embedded in the resulting binary. Or they might be URLs to a web server and a downloaded is necessary before they can be used. cbindgen:prefix-with-name

PathData represents a path described by either high-level elements or low-level events and coordinates.

Type Definitions