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This crate contains the internal procedural macros used by the i-slint-core crate

NOTE: This library is an internal crate of the Slint project. This crate should not be used directly by applications using Slint. You should use the slint crate instead.

WARNING: This crate does not follow the semver convention for versioning and can only be used with version = "=x.y.z" in Cargo.toml.

Attribute Macros§

  • An attribute macro that simply return its input and ignore any arguments

Derive Macros§

  • This derive macro is used with structures in the run-time library that are meant to be exposed to the language. The structure is introspected for properties and fields marked with the rtti_field attribute and generates run-time type information for use with the interpreter. In addition all Property<T> foo fields get a convenient getter function generated that works on a Pin<&Self> receiver.