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The Slint Compiler Library

NOTE: This library is an internal crate of the Slint project. This crate should not be used directly by applications using Slint. You should use the slint crate instead.

WARNING: This crate does not follow the semver convention for versioning and can only be used with version = "=x.y.z" in Cargo.toml.


This module contains the implementation of the builtin macros. They are just transformations that convert into some more complicated expression tree

The module responsible for the code generation.

Datastructures used to represent layouts in the compiler

This module contains the code for the lexer.

The Low Level Representation module

Helper to do lookup in expressions

This module contains the NamedReference and its helper

This module contains the intermediate representation of the code in the form of an object tree

The Slint Language Parser


CompilationConfiguration allows configuring different aspects of the compiler.


Specify how the resources are embedded by the compiler