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Humphrey JSON is a library facilitating the serialization and deserialization of JSON data. It is designed for web applications, but can be used in other contexts, and is well-integrated with the Humphrey web server.

Learn more about Humphrey JSON here.


pub use value::Value;


Provides error handling functionality.
Provides functionality for indexing into JSON values.
Provides the json! macro for creating JSON values and the json_map! macro for serializing/deserializing them to and from Rust data structures.
Provides the core JSON-parsing functionality.
Brings useful traits and macros into scope.
Provides JSON serialization functionality.
Provides useful traits for working with JSON values.
Provides the Value struct for interfacing with JSON values.


Create a JSON value from JSON-like syntax.
Specifies a mapping between a Rust data structure and a JSON value.


Deserialize a JSON string into a Rust data structure.
Serialize a Rust data structure into a JSON string.
Serialize a Rust data structure into a JSON string, pretty-printed with indentation.

Derive Macros

Derives the FromJson trait for a type.
Derives the IntoJson trait for a type.