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Humphrey is a very fast, robust and flexible HTTP/1.1 web server crate which allows you to develop web applications in Rust. With no dependencies, it is very quick to compile and produces very small binaries, as well as being very resource-efficient.

Learn more about Humphrey here.



  • Provides the core Humphrey app functionality.
  • Provides an HTTP client implementation for Humphrey.
  • Defines traits for handler functions.
  • Provides a number of useful handlers for Humphrey apps.
  • Contains the Humphrey HTTP implementation.
  • Provides an implementation of Krauss’ wildcard-matching algorithm.
  • Monitoring functionality.
  • Provides percent-encoding functionality.
  • Provides functionality for handling app routes.
  • Provides a wrapper around the stream to allow for simpler APIs.
  • Provides a basic thread pool implementation.