[][src]Crate humblegen_rt

Runtime support for Rust code generated by humblegen.

The module-level comments of this crate are prefixed to give guidance from where they are used:

  • GEN = used by generated code
  • PROTO = part of the de-facto HTTP protocol between server and client
  • SERVER = within the server module
  • HANDLER = from the handler implementation


pub extern crate anyhow;
pub extern crate chrono;
pub extern crate downcast_rs;
pub extern crate hyper;
pub extern crate regex;
pub extern crate tokio;
pub extern crate tracing;
pub extern crate tracing_futures;
pub extern crate uuid;
pub use serialization_helpers as deser_helpers;



HANDLER Types used by a handler implementation, re-exported by generated code.


GEN,SERVER - RegexSetMap maps a s: &str and some generic input i: I to an Entry<I>.


GEN - deserialization helpers used by dispatcher.


GEN Generic parts of the humblegen HTTP service server implementation, based on hyper.


PROTO - data types used by the runtime to implement the humblespec service protocol. The serde representation of the types in this module is part of the service protocol specified in humblespec/service_protocol.md.

Attribute Macros