Struct hubcaps::search::IssuesItem [] [src]

pub struct IssuesItem {
    pub url: String,
    pub repository_url: String,
    pub labels_url: String,
    pub comments_url: String,
    pub events_url: String,
    pub html_url: String,
    pub id: u64,
    pub number: u64,
    pub title: String,
    pub user: User,
    pub labels: Vec<Label>,
    pub state: String,
    pub locked: bool,
    pub assignee: Option<User>,
    pub assignees: Vec<User>,
    pub comments: u64,
    pub created_at: String,
    pub updated_at: String,
    pub closed_at: Option<String>,
    pub pull_request: Option<PullRequestInfo>,
    pub body: Option<String>,



impl IssuesItem


returns a tuple of (repo owner name, repo name) associated with this issue

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for IssuesItem


Formats the value using the given formatter.