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Adds ability to serialize and deserialize types from the HTTP crate.

If you want to serialize Request or Response, use into_parts() and serialize their parts, and then rebuild them using their Builder.


You must annotate fields with #[serde(with = "http_serde::<appropriate method>")].

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)]
struct MyStruct {
    #[serde(with = "http_serde::method")]
    method: Method,

    #[serde(with = "http_serde::status_code")]
    status: StatusCode,

    #[serde(with = "http_serde::uri")]
    uri: Uri,

    #[serde(with = "http_serde::header_map")]
    headers: HeaderMap,

    #[serde(with = "http_serde::authority")]
    authority: Authority,


For http::uri::Authority

For http::HeaderMap

For http::Method

For http::StatusCode

For http::Uri

For http::uri::Authority