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This crate implements HPACK, a compression format for efficiently representing HTTP header fields in HTTP/2. It exposes a simple API for performing the encoding and decoding of HTTP headers.

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HPACK is a compression format that eliminates redundant header fields in requests and responses. This is one of the features based on which the HTTP/2 protocol significantly reduces the amount of transferred data from one entity to another.

A significant shift in thinking is required from the implementer of the HTTP/2 protocol. A connection in HTTP/2 does not represent a single request/response session. We can start multiple simultaneous streams in one connection, representing multiple request/response sessions, which was not possible in the previous versions of the HTTP protocol. The HPACK compressor uses this characteristic of HTTP/2 by indexing headers considering the whole connection and not per stream.

The implementation of HPACK contains three main parts of the process:

  • Indexing table is a list, to which the HPACK saves the commonly used headers. Each entity indexes headers per connection, separately for incoming (decoding) and for outgoing (encoding) data.

  • Encoder performs the task of data compression. It converts the data from its original readable form into an optimized byte sequence by applying the rules defined in the HPACK specification.

  • Decoder takes over the task of the decompressor. It executes the commands inversely to the encoder. It converts the data back into its readable form.


Encoding example:

use httlib_hpack::Encoder;
let mut encoder = Encoder::default();
let name = b":method".to_vec();
let value = b"PATCH".to_vec();
let flags = Encoder::HUFFMAN_VALUE | Encoder::WITH_INDEXING | Encoder::BEST_FORMAT;
let mut dst = Vec::new();
encoder.encode((name, value, flags), &mut dst).unwrap();

Decoding example:

use httlib_hpack::Decoder;

let mut decoder = Decoder::default();
let mut buf = vec![0x80 | 2];
let mut dst = Vec::new();
decoder.decode(&mut buf, &mut dst).unwrap();
for (name, value, flags) in dst {
    if flags & Decoder::NEVER_INDEXED == Decoder::NEVER_INDEXED {
        // sensitive header
    } else {
        // common header



pub use decoder::*;
pub use encoder::*;



Provides an implementation of the HPACK decoder.


Provides an implementation of the HPACK encoder.


Provides an implementation of the HPACK indexing tables.