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The documentation is still a work in progress, so if you have questions, you are welcome to create an issue. :-)


Supports the binary within this package. Contains functions to easily generate different sizes of a picture that can be used on webpages. Also offers the possibility to convert them into webp format and is able to create <picture> tags for the given images.

Currently this crate is only capable of converting png files to webp using cwebp. So make sure that webp is installed on your computer.


The binary can be installed via cargo install html5-picture. As stated before, make sure webp is installed before using.


Use html5-picture --help for an overview of all parameters.


Conversion with three scales and 70% quality

If you want to create three different sizes of the images in ./assets with a conversion quality of 70%, enter the following command:

html5-picture ./assets 3 -q 70

This will convert your images and save them to ./assets-html5picture. This folder is also the working directory make sure to not modify it while the application is running.

Conversion with given installation folder

If you pass -i <folder_name> as parameter, the resulting files are moved from the working directory to the given <folder_name> after conversion and scaling.

html5-picture ./assets 3 -q 100 -i ./assets-build

In this example the images are installted to ./assets-build.

Force overwriting

Using the -f or --force-overwrite flag will overwrite existing webp or HTML5 picture tag files.

html5-picture ./assets 3 -q 100 -i ./dist -f

Writing picture tag files to disk

With the -p option, it is possible to save the <picture> tags to disk. However it is recommended to use it in combination with -m, which sets the mountpoint in your tag files for you.

html5-picture ./assets 4 -i ./dist -p ./html5-tags -m /some/web-server/mountpoint

Read input files by JSON

Upcoming feature. The pictures can be defined using JSON format. html5-picture will read it from stdin. This enables definition of all attributes such as alt per image.


Contains default functions and traits.

Functions operating on the filesystem that is required for html5_picture Contains supporting functions that alter the file system.

HTML5 related functions, such as creation of picture tags.

Path processing that is required for html5_picture

Generic helper functions.

Support for webp format. Used mainly for conversion.


Collects all png file names that are stored in the input_dir.

Determines if the given input filename contains a .png extension.

The main function of the binary. Executes all required steps for copying, conversion and installationn of the source images.