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Holochain Zome Types: only the types needed by Holochain application developers to use in their Zome code, and nothing more.

This crate is intentionally kept as minimal as possible, since it is typically included as a dependency in Holochain Zomes, which are distributed as chunks of Wasm. In contrast, the holochain_types crate contains more types which are used by Holochain itself.


pub use kitsune_p2p_timestamp as timestamp;
pub use prelude::*;


represent arbitrary bytes (not serialized) e.g. totally random crypto bytes from random_bytes
Capability Grants and Claims
A “Cell” represents a DNA/AgentId pair - a space where one dna/agent can track its source chain and service network requests / responses.
Countersigned entries involve preflights between many agents to build a session that is part of the entry.
Re-exported dependencies
Defines DnaDef struct
An Entry is a unit of data in a Holochain Source Chain.
Fixturators for zome types
Types related to the genesis process whereby a user commits their initial records and validates them to the best of their ability. Full validation may not be possible if network access is required, so they perform a “self-check” (as in “check yourself before you wreck yourself”) before joining to ensure that they can catch any problems they can before being subject to the scrutiny of their peers and facing possible rejection. For more details see holochain_integrity_types::genesis.
Items related to the DNA initialization callback.
Wrapper type to indicate some data which has a ValidationStatus associated with it.
Metadata types for use in wasm
For more details see holochain_integrity_types::op.
Common types
Types for source chain queries
Types for rate limiting
Defines a Record, the basic unit of Holochain data.
Types for requesting metadata
Schedule functions to run outside a direct zome call.
App-defined signals
Signature for authenticity of data
Common helpers for writing tests against zome types
Types related to the debug host function
Tracking versions between the WASM host and guests and other interfaces.
Types for warrants
A Zome is a module of app-defined code which can be run by Holochain. A group of Zomes are composed to form a DnaDef.


Helper macro for implementing ToSql, when using rusqlite as a dependency
Helper macro for implementing ToSql, when using rusqlite as a dependency


Action contains variants for each type of action.
Structure holding the entry portion of a chain record.


10MB of entropy free for the taking. Useful for initializing arbitrary::Unstructured data