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Common types used by other Holochain crates.

This crate is a complement to the holochain_zome_types crate, which contains only the essential types which are used in Holochain DNA code. This crate expands on those types to include all types which Holochain itself depends on.


  • Defines HostFnAccess and Permission
  • Holochain’s Action and its variations.
  • Types for agents chain activity
  • Everything to do with App (hApp) installation and uninstallation
  • Holochain autonomic type helpers.
  • Types related to an agents for chain activity
  • Defines the Chain Head Coordination API.
  • Combinator functions, for more easeful functional programming
  • Utility items related to data persistence.
  • Database Cache
  • Data structures representing the operations that can be performed within a Holochain DHT.
  • dna is a library for working with holochain dna files/entries.
  • An Entry is a unit of data in a Holochain Source Chain.
  • Fixture definitions for crate structs
  • Extra types that help with inline zomes that are not needed in the wasm.
  • Links interrelate entries in a source chain.
  • Types for getting and storing metadata
  • reexport some common things
  • Types for rate limiting
  • Defines a Record, the basic unit of Holochain data.
  • A sync RwLock that uses closures to avoid deadlocks.
  • Signals which can be emitted from within Holochain, out across an interface. There are two main kinds of Signal: system-defined, and app-defined:
  • Sql Helper types.
  • Some common testing helpers.
  • Types for validation receipts and signed validation receipts to be sent between peers.
  • These types manage the consumption and configuration of the wasmer library in terms of middleware (metering), Target, Module, and Store.
  • Web App manifest describing how to bind a Web UI and a happ bundle together
  • Helpers for constructing and using zome types correctly.


  • Utility for removing boilerplate from From impls

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