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Common types used by other Holochain crates.

This crate is a complement to the holochain_zome_types crate, which contains only the essential types which are used in Holochain DNA code. This crate expands on those types to include all types which Holochain itself depends on.


Defines HostFnAccess and Permission

Holochain’s Action and its variations.

Types for agents chain activity

Everything to do with App (hApp) installation and uninstallation

Holochain autonomic type helpers.

Types related to an agents for chain activity

Combinator functions, for more easeful functional programming

Utility items related to data persistence.

Database Cache

Data structures representing the operations that can be performed within a Holochain DHT.

dna is a library for working with holochain dna files/entries.

An Entry is a unit of data in a Holochain Source Chain.

Fixture definitions for crate structs

Extra types that help with inline zomes that are not needed in the wasm.

Links interrelate entries in a source chain.

Types for getting and storing metadata

reexport some common things

Types for rate limiting

Defines a Record, the basic unit of Holochain data.

A sync RwLock that uses closures to avoid deadlocks.

Signals which can be emitted from within Holochain, out across an interface. There are two main kinds of Signal: system-defined, and app-defined:

Sql Helper types.

Some common testing helpers.

the host types used to track the status/result of validating entries c.f. guest types for validation callbacks and packages across the wasm boudary in zome_types

Web App manifest describing how to bind a Web UI and a happ bundle together

Helpers for constructing and using zome types correctly.


Utility for removing boilerplate from From impls

Type Definitions

An Entry paired with its EntryHash