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Interfaces to manage Holochain applications (hApps) and call their functions.

The Conductor is the central component of Holochain. It exposes WebSockets for clients to connect to, processes incoming requests and orchestrates data flow and persistence.

Refer to Holochain’s architecture for more info. Read about hApp development in the Happ Development Kit (HDK) documentation.

There is a Holochain client for JavaScript and a Rust client to connect to the Conductor.

The Conductor API is split into Admin and App requests and responses. Each has an associated enum AdminRequest and AppRequest that define and document available calls.

The admin interface generally manages the conductor itself, such as installing apps, listing dnas, cells and apps, accessing state and metric information dumps and managing agents.

The app interface is smaller and focussed on interfacing with an app directly. Notably the app interface allows calling functions exposed by the hApps’ modules, called DNAs. To discover a particular hApp’s structure, its app info can be requested.