Crate holochain_conductor_api[][src]


pub use config::*;
pub use state_dump::*;



Info about an installed app, returned as part of AppResponse::AppInfo

The data provided across an App interface in order to make a zome call


Represents the available conductor functions to call over an Admin interface and will result in a corresponding AdminResponse message being sent back over the interface connection. Enum variants follow a general convention of verb_noun as opposed to the noun_verb of AdminResponse.

Represents the possible responses to an AdminRequest and follows a general convention of noun_verb as opposed to the verb_noun of AdminRequest.

Represents the available Conductor functions to call over an App interface

Responses to requests received on an App interface

Filter for ListApps.

Error type that goes over the websocket wire. This intends to be application developer facing so it should be readable and relevant

A flat, slightly more API-friendly representation of [InstalledAppStatus]