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Defines HoloHash and its various HashTypes



  • By default, disable string encoding and just display raw bytes
  • Defines the prefixes for the various HashTypes, as well as the traits which unify them


  • Helper for ensuring the the proper number of bytes is used in various situations
  • A default HashableContent implementation, suitable for content which is already TryInto<SerializedBytes>, and uses a PrimitiveHashType


  • Error converting a composite hash into a subset composite hash, due to type mismatch
  • A newtype for a collection of EntryHashes, needed for some wasm return types.
  • Error converting a composite hash into a primitive one, due to type mismatch
  • A HoloHash contains a vector of 36 bytes representing a 32-byte blake2b hash plus 4 bytes representing a DHT location. It also contains a zero-sized type which specifies what it is a hash of.
  • Represents some piece of content along with its hash representation, so that hashes need not be calculated multiple times. Provides an easy constructor which consumes the content.




  • Anything which has an owned HoloHashOf.
  • Any implementor of HashableContent may be used in a HoloHashed to pair data with its HoloHash representation. It also has an associated HashType.

Type Aliases§

  • The hash of an action
  • An Agent public signing key. Not really a hash, more of an “identity hash”.
  • The hash of anything referrable in the DHT. This is a composite of either an EntryHash or a ActionHash
  • The hash of anything linkable.
  • The hash of a DhtOp’s “unique form” representation
  • The hash of a DnaDef
  • The hash of an Entry.
  • The hash of some external data that can’t or doesn’t exist on the DHT.
  • A convenience type, for specifying a hash by HashableContent rather than by its HashType
  • HoloHash Result type
  • The hash of a network ID
  • Alias for AnyLinkableHash. This hash forms the notion of the “basis hash” of an op.
  • The hash of some wasm bytecode
  • A public key of a pair of signing keys for signing zome calls.