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HOI4 Save

HOI4 Save is a library to ergonomically work with Hearts of Iron IV saves (plaintext + binary).

use hoi4save::{Hoi4Extractor, Encoding};
use std::io::Cursor;

let data = std::fs::read("assets/saves/1.10-normal-text.hoi4")?;
let (save, encoding) = Hoi4Extractor::extract_save(&data[..])?;
assert_eq!(encoding, Encoding::Plaintext);
assert_eq!(save.player, String::from("FRA"));

The HOI4 binary format can be converted to plaintext with the help of hoi4save::Melter:

let data = std::fs::read("assets/saves/1.10-ironman.hoi4")?;
let (melted, _unknown_tokens) = hoi4save::Melter::new()

Binary Saves

By default, binary saves will not be decoded properly.

To enable support, one must supply an environment variable (HOI4_IRONMAN_TOKENS) that points to a newline delimited text file of token descriptions. For instance:

0xffff my_test_token
0xeeee my_test_token2

In order to comply with legal restrictions, I cannot share the list of tokens. I am also restricted from divulging how the list of tokens can be derived.



A date with an hour component

An Hoi4 Error

Logic container for extracting data from an Hoi4 save

Customize how a save is extracted

Convert a binary gamestate to plaintext


Describes the format of the save before decoding

Customize how the deserializer reacts when a token can’t be resolved

Specific type of error


Common set of methods between all the date components