Crate hobo[][src]


pub use web_sys;
pub use element::Element;
pub use element::SomeElement;
pub use entity::AsEntity;
pub use futures_signals as signals;
pub use hobo_css as css;
pub use prelude::Children;
pub use prelude::Parent;


methods to create HTML Elements as well as their types

everything that has to do with HTML event handling

simple way to fire and respond to arbitrarily-typed events

Parent and Child relations

Queries allow finding entities across the hierarchy

resources are globally-accessible components

interned strings


Essentially a “move-by-clone” closure creator, with special syntax for automatic refcell up/downgrading


Find all entities matching a query

Find one entity matching a query, panic otherwise

Register a browser window to also receive styles, automatically called for the global window object

Find one entity matching a query if there is one

Derive Macros