[][src]Crate hex_view

NOTE: As of Rust 1.26.0, this crate is no longer necessary because an &[u8] can be formatted as hex using the :x? and :X? formatters.

Easily format a &[u8] as hex.

use hex_view::HexView;

let ff00_slice: &[u8] = &[255, 0];
assert_eq!(format!("{:x}", HexView::from(&ff00_slice)), "ff00")

HexView::from also works on anything that implements AsRef<[u8]>, such as a &Vec<u8>:

use hex_view::HexView;

let ff00_vec: Vec<u8> = vec![255, 0];
assert_eq!(format!("{:X}", HexView::from(&ff00_vec)), "FF00")



This struct can be formatted with the core::fmt::LowerHex and core::fmt::UpperHex formatting traits.