Macro hdk::prelude::wasm_error

macro_rules! wasm_error {
    ($e:expr) => { ... };
    ($($arg:tt)*) => { ... };
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Helper macro for returning an error from a WASM.

Automatically included in the error are the file and the line number where the error occurred. The error type is one of the WasmErrorInner variants.

This macro is the recommended way of returning an error from a Zome function.

If a single expression is passed to wasm_error! the result will be converted to a WasmErrorInner via into() so string and WasmErrorInner values are both supported directly.

If a list of arguments is passed to wasm_error! it will first be forwarded to format! and then the resultant string converted to WasmErrorInner.

As the string->WasmErrorInner conversion is handled by a call to into, the feature error_as_host can be used so that WasmErrorInner::Host is produced by the macro from any passed/generated string.


Err(wasm_error!(WasmErrorInner::Guest("entry not found".to_string())));
Err(wasm_error!("entry not found"));
Err(wasm_error!("{} {}", "entry", "not found"));
Err(wasm_error!(WasmErrorInner::Host("some host error".into())));