Function hdk::p2p::call_remote[][src]

pub fn call_remote<I>(
    agent: AgentPubKey,
    zome: ZomeName,
    fn_name: FunctionName,
    cap_secret: Option<CapSecret>,
    payload: I
) -> ExternResult<ZomeCallResponse> where
    I: Serialize + Debug

Wrapper for __call_remote host function.

There are several positional arguments:

  • agent: The address of the agent to call the RPC style remote function on.
  • zome: The zome to call the remote function in. Use zome_info() to get the current zome info.
  • fn_name: The name of the function in the zome to call.
  • cap_secret: Optional cap claim secret to allow access to the remote call.
  • payload: The payload to send to the remote function; receiver needs to deserialize cleanly.

Response is ExternResult which returns ZomeCallResponse of the function call. ZomeCallResponse::NetworkError if there was a network error. ZomeCallResponse::Unauthorized if the provided cap grant is invalid. The unauthorized case should always be handled gracefully because gap grants can be revoked at any time and the claim holder has no way of knowing until they provide a secret for a call.

An Ok response already includes an ExternIO to be deserialized with extern_io.decode()?.

let foo: Foo = call_remote(bob, "foo_zome", "do_it", secret, serializable_payload)?;