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Comparing folders and files by rules

Havocompare allows to compare folders (or to be more exact: the files inside the folders) following user definable rules. A self contained html report is generated. To use it without the CLI, the main method is: compare_folders.


pub use csv::CSVCompareConfig;


comparison module for csv comparison


Represents a whole configuration file consisting of several comparison rules
Plain text comparison config, also used for PDF
Configuration options for the hash comparison module
Image comparison config options
Representing a single comparison rule


Representing the comparison mode
Top-Level Error class for all errors that can happen during havocompare-running


The main function for comparing folders. It will parse a config file in yaml format, create a report in report_path and compare the folders nominal and actual.
Use this function if you don’t want this crate to load and parse a config file but provide a custom rules struct yourself
Create the jsonschema for the current configuration file format