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HarfBuzz is a text shaping engine. It solves the problem of selecting and positioning glyphs from a font given a Unicode string.


  • freetype - Enables bindings to the FreeType font engine. (Enabled by default.)

  • coretext - Enables bindings to the CoreText font engine. (Apple platforms only) (Enabled by default.)

  • directwrite - Enables bindings to the DirectWrite font engine. (Windows only) (Enabled by default.)

  • std - Enable certain functions that require the standard library. (Enabled by default.)

  • bundled - Use the bundled copy of the harfbuzz library rather than one installed on the system.



  • Blobs wrap a chunk of binary data to handle lifecycle management of data while it is passed between client and HarfBuzz.
  • A series of Unicode characters.
  • A language tag.
  • A collection of functions to run Unicode algorithms required by HarfBuzz.
  • A builder for UnicodeFuncs.



  • Returns the HarfBuzz library version.
  • Returns true if the HarfBuzz library version is at least the given version.
  • Returns the HarfBuzz library version as a string.