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Utilities to manipulate Hangul syllables.

HangulExt trait extends char with following methods:

  • Predicate checks whether given char is a Hangul syllable
  • Predicate indicates whether the syllable has a jongseong — in other words, closed
  • Getters for choseong, jungseong, jongseong, and jamo
  • Iterator iterates over jamos consisting a syllable

To use these methods, add this to your Cargo.toml:

hangul = "0.1.3"

then import HangulExt trait:

use hangul::HangulExt;

Now you can use the methods.

use hangul::HangulExt;

assert_eq!('京'.is_syllable(), false);
assert_eq!('설'.to_jamo(), Ok(( 'ㅅ', 'ㅓ', Some('ㄹ'))));



Iterator over the jamo chars of the syllable.


Error which can be returned when a given char is not in a Hangul syllables.



Extension trait to define additional methods on primitive type char.