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This library provides miscellaneous functionalities to help asynchronous operations in Rust.

handy_async uses futures to achieve asynchronous operations (mainly I/O related operations) and defines a lot of pattern objects to facilitate writing declarative code.

For example, you can write a function to read a TCP header defined in RFC-793 asynchronously as following.

extern crate handy_async;
extern crate futures;

use std::io::{Read, Error};
use futures::{Future, BoxFuture};
use handy_async::io::ReadFrom;
use handy_async::pattern::{Pattern, Endian};
use handy_async::pattern::read::{U16, U32};

struct TcpHeader {
    source_port: u16,
    destination_port: u16,
    sequence_number: u32,
    acknowledgment_number: u32,
    data_offset: u8, // 4 bits
    reserved: u8, // 6 bits
    flags: u8, // 6 bits
    window: u16,
    checksum: u16,
    urgent_pointer: u16,
    option: Vec<u8>,

fn read_tcp_header<R: Read + Send + 'static>(reader: R) -> BoxFuture<TcpHeader, Error> {
    let pattern = (,,,,
        .and_then(|(src_port, dst_port, seq_num, ack_num, flags, window, checksum, urgent)| {
            let data_offset = (flags & 0b1111) as u8;
            let header = TcpHeader {
                source_port: src_port,
                destination_port: dst_port,
                sequence_number: seq_num,
                acknowledgment_number: ack_num,
                data_offset: data_offset,
                reserved: ((flags >> 4) & 0b111111) as u8,
                flags: (flags >> 10) as u8,
                window: window,
                checksum: checksum,
                urgent_pointer: urgent,
                option: Vec::new(),

            let option_size = (data_offset as usize - 5) * 4;
            (Ok(header), vec![0; option_size]) // Reads additional option bytes
        .map(|(mut header, option)| {
            header.option = option;
    pattern.read_from(reader).map(|(reader, header)| header).map_err(|e| e.into_error()).boxed()

fn main(){
    let future = read_tcp_header(std::io::stdin());
    let tcp_header = future.wait().expect("Failed to read tcp header");



Error related components.


Future related functionalities.


I/O operation related components.


Pattern matcher interface and its generic implementations.




Synchronous I/O functionalities.