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  • io: Convenience serialization helpers of the h3ron::io module. These are not really related to h3, but helpful for utilities during development.
  • use-serde: serde support and also enables the h3ron::collections::compressed module.
  • use-rayon: Enables [collections::ThreadPartitionedMap].
  • use-roaring: Enables [collections::H3Treemap] based on the roaring crate.


pub use to_geo::to_linked_polygons;
pub use to_geo::ToAlignedLinkedPolygons;
pub use to_geo::ToCoordinate;
pub use to_geo::ToLinkedPolygons;
pub use to_geo::ToPolygon;
pub use error::Error;
pub use to_h3::ToH3Cells;



H3 Index representing a H3 Cell (hexagon)

H3 Index representing an Unidirectional H3 edge


H3 digit representing ijk+ axes direction. See documentation



trait for types with a measurable area

trait for types with a measurable length

trait for types which can be created from an H3Index

trait to be implemented by all structs being based on H3 data with a given resolution

Trait to handle types having a H3 Index like cells and edges


the input vec must be deduplicated and all cells must be at the same resolution

Generate h3 cells along the given linestring

Line of h3 indexes connecting two indexes

Number of cells in a line connecting two cells

maximum number of cells needed for the k_ring