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GuruFocus API

This project provides a set of functions to receive data from the the guru focus website via the GuruFocus API.


Please note that you need at least a premium account to use this API. There a couple of examples demonstrating how to use the API in your own rust projects. To run this example, you first need to define an environment variable holding the user Token you got from GuruFocus:

export GURUFOCUS_TOKEN='<your user token>'

The examples can be executed via the command

cargo test --example <name of example>

Here, <name of example> could be the name of any of the files in the examples folder without the .rs extension Please note that running any of the examples increases your API access counter by at least 1.

The GuruFocus API provides all data in JSON format, and the basic API functions currently will just return these JSON structures as serde_json::Value types without any further processing. The serde_json::Value types can be deserialized into more meaningful data structures, as is demonstrated in the gurulist example.

The GuruFocus API returns numbers sometimes as numbers, sometimes as strings. This is dealt with by introducing a new struct FloatOrString containing a float value, but which can be read from either a string or float automatically. The drawback is that .0 as to be added to the variable name of a specific data structure. I.e., to access the quoted price in a variable of type Quote, i.e. q: Quote, the price can be accessed via q.price.0 instead of q.price. In a few cases, the string contains not a number, but an error message, like “Negative Tangible Equity”. In such cases, if the string can not be parsed to a number, the value is set to NAN.

Since version 0.4, all requests using the async attribute, returning a Future instead of waiting for the response and returning the result. To get the actual results, .await or block_on or something similar needs to be used. The examples demonstrate how the library could be used.

Please note that the library is not yet stable and that the user interface is still subject to change. However, feedback regarding the usability and suggestions for improving the interface are welcome.


pub use gurus::*;
pub use stock::*;
pub use financials::*;
pub use keyratios::*;
pub use insiders::*;
pub use portfolio::*;


Special types for dealing with financial data.

Special types for dealing with Gurus.

Module for special hex num derserializer

Special types for insider tradingey ratios.

Special types for key ratios.

Special types for user portfolio.

Special types for dealing with stocks.

Module for special string / number derserializer


Container for connection parameters to gurufocus server.