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Fundamental types for GLib and GObject introspection.

This crate provides definitions for types that are intrinsic in GObject introspection, unlike all other types that have a definition in a GIR file. All crates generated from GObject introspection data should use these shared definitions.

Some types are omitted because a suitable equivalent is readily available in Rust:

  1. Fixed-size integer types. These have straightforward built-in counterparts in Rust.
  2. Strings can have GI types utf8 or filename. In the FFI all string values are represented as raw pointers to gchar. A safe representation of C strings in idiomatic Rust bindings needs some wrapper types which are not defined here.


pub use primitive::gboolean;
pub use primitive::gchar;
pub use primitive::guchar;
pub use primitive::gshort;
pub use primitive::gushort;
pub use primitive::gint;
pub use primitive::guint;
pub use primitive::glong;
pub use primitive::gulong;
pub use primitive::gsize;
pub use primitive::gssize;
pub use primitive::gintptr;
pub use primitive::guintptr;
pub use primitive::gfloat;
pub use primitive::gdouble;
pub use primitive::gunichar;
pub use primitive::gpointer;
pub use primitive::gconstpointer;
pub use primitive::FALSE;
pub use primitive::TRUE;



Definitions for primitive fundamental types.

Type Definitions


An integer type that designates GObject type identifiers.