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Nested message and enum types in Alert.

Nested message and enum types in FeedHeader.

Nested message and enum types in TranslatedString.

Nested message and enum types in TripDescriptor.

Nested message and enum types in TripUpdate.

Nested message and enum types in VehiclePosition.


An alert, indicating some sort of incident in the public transit network.

A selector for an entity in a GTFS feed.

A definition (or update) of an entity in the transit feed.

Metadata about a feed, included in feed messages.

The contents of a feed message. A feed is a continuous stream of feed messages. Each message in the stream is obtained as a response to an appropriate HTTP GET request. A realtime feed is always defined with relation to an existing GTFS feed. All the entity ids are resolved with respect to the GTFS feed. Note that “required” and “optional” as stated in this file refer to Protocol Buffer cardinality, not semantic cardinality. See at for field semantic cardinality.

A position.

A time interval. The interval is considered active at time ‘t’ if ‘t’ is greater than or equal to the start time and less than the end time.

An internationalized message containing per-language versions of a snippet of text or a URL. One of the strings from a message will be picked up. The resolution proceeds as follows:

A descriptor that identifies an instance of a GTFS trip, or all instances of a trip along a route.

Realtime update of the progress of a vehicle along a trip. Depending on the value of ScheduleRelationship, a TripUpdate can specify:

Identification information for the vehicle performing the trip.

Realtime positioning information for a given vehicle.