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Logging, as well as various low-level utilities that factor Rust patterns that are frequent within the grin codebase.


pub use secp256k1zkp as secp;
pub use crate::logger::init_logger;
pub use crate::logger::init_test_logger;
pub use crate::secp_static::static_secp_instance;
pub use crate::types::ZeroingString;


File util

Logging wrapper to be used throughout all crates in the workspace

Macros to support Rust BIP-32 code (though could conceivably be used for other things)

Globally accessible static instance of secp256k1, to avoid initialization overhead

Zeroing String

Compress and decompress zip bz2 archives


gives a newtype array wrapper standard array traits

gives a newtype array wrapper serialization and deserialization methods

gives a newtype array wrapper the Debug trait

gives a newtype array wrapper Index traits


Encapsulation of a RwLock<Option> for one-time initialization. This implementation will purposefully fail hard if not used properly, for example if not initialized before being first used (borrowed).

A rate counter tracks the number of transfers, the amount of data exchanged and the rate of transfer (via a few timers) over the last minute. The counter does not try to be accurate and update times proactively, instead it only does so lazily. As a result, produced rates are worst-case estimates.

Global stopped/paused state shared across various subcomponents of Grin.


Convert to hex


Decode a hex string into bytes.

Encode an utf8 string to a base64 string

Type Definitions

A mutual exclusion primitive useful for protecting shared data

A reader-writer lock

RAII structure used to release the shared read access of a lock when dropped.

RAII structure used to release the exclusive write access of a lock when dropped.