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Green Barrel

ORM-like API MongoDB for Rust.


pub use crate::helpers::ControlArr;
pub use crate::helpers::Enctype;
pub use crate::helpers::HttpMethod;
pub use crate::helpers::TransMapWidgets;
pub use crate::migration::Monitor;
pub use crate::models::administrator::Administrator;
pub use crate::models::administrator::OutputDataAdmin;
pub use crate::models::caching::Caching;
pub use crate::models::converters::Converters;
pub use crate::models::db_query_api::commons::QCommons;
pub use crate::models::db_query_api::paladins::QPaladins;
pub use crate::models::hooks::Hooks;
pub use crate::models::output_data::OutputData;
pub use crate::models::output_data::OutputDataCheck;
pub use crate::models::validation::AdditionalValidation;
pub use crate::models::validation::Validation;
pub use crate::models::Main;
pub use crate::models::Meta;
pub use crate::store::ModelCache;
pub use crate::store::MODEL_STORE;
pub use crate::store::MODEL_STORE;
pub use crate::store::MONGODB_CLIENT_STORE;
pub use crate::store::MONGODB_CLIENT_STORE;
pub use crate::test_tool::del_test_db;
pub use crate::widgets::generate_html::GenerateHtml;
pub use crate::widgets::Widget;


Collection of auxiliary Structures, Enumerations and Functions.

Migrations are green-barrel’s way of propagating changes you make to your models (adding a field, deleting a model, etc.) into your database schema.

Adapts the Structure for database queries using a programmatic or web interface.

Global store of settings and metadata for models.

Auxiliary tools for testing models.

For control of fields on the server and client side.