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Calculating your grade is a skill which need just a little math. But it's always convenience to have a handy tool to do it for you.

10converts provides a comprehensive set of grade calculators for college or high school students and teachers.

These tools are all implemented in Rust.


whatever the calculator you selected, a CSV file will always be the format of input.

Quiz, 90, 20
Homework, 85, 20
Midterm, 92, 30

That means you have your current grades of a specified course, e.g. History, and you want to know current grade by far.

The first column is assessement name, but it's optional. you could write the CSV like:

Quiz, 90, 20
85, 20

The second column is grade, could be in percentage or in letters or in points:

Quiz, A, 20
Homewor, A-, 20
Midterm, A+, 30


each calculator module has it's own output. In general, it's a result in string like:

Your current grade is 91%(A)

like that. for different calculator, the output string is slightly different.