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Provides the interface between ISAs and the GPCAS simulator. It also provides basic handling of ELF files. In order to provide support, an ISA has to provide a public function that returns an Isa object. Possible ISAs are defined in IsaIdentifier.


Contains constants for control information for the cpu simulation.


The first part of an ELF file header.

An emulated instruction from the program of the simulation.

The properties of an instruction set architecture.

Provides a continuous memory storage for multiple operands.


Identifiers of all ISAs recognized by the simulator.

How an ISA handles memory access in its instructions.


This flag gets set in the register indices. It indicates that the index is for a vector register and therefore might be using a separate register set.

The maximum number of register inputs that is needed by any ISA.


Can be used to emulate programs by the simulator.

Additional functions used for interactive emulation.


Returns the ISA of the program file if it can be identified by the simulator.

Formats a c-style string into a rust-style one.