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Provides an interface for running Diesel queries in a Gotham application.

The gotham diesel middleware uses tokio::task::spawn_blocking, which allows blocking operations to run without blocking the tokio reactor. Although not true async, this allows multiple concurrent database requests to be handled, with a default of 100 concurrent blocking operations.

Usage example:

pub type Repo = gotham_middleware_diesel::Repo<SqliteConnection>;

fn router() -> Router {
    // Create a Repo - using an in memory Sqlite DB
    let repo = Repo::new(":memory:");
    // Add the diesel middleware to a new pipeline
    let (chain, pipeline) =

    // Build the router
    build_router(chain, pipeline, |route| {

fn handler(state: State) -> Pin<Box<HandlerFuture>> {
    let repo = Repo::borrow_from(&state).clone();
    // As an example, we perform the query:
    // `SELECT 1`
    async move {
        let result = repo
            .run(move |conn| {
                    .map(|v| v.into_iter().next().expect("no results"))
        match result {
            Ok(n) => {
                let body = format!("result: {}", n);
                let res = create_response(&state, StatusCode::OK, TEXT_PLAIN, body);
                Ok((state, res))
            Err(e) => Err((state, e.into())),


A Gotham compatible Middleware that manages a pool of Diesel connections via a Repo and hands out connections to other Middleware and Handlers that require them via the Gotham State mechanism.

A database “repository”, for running database workloads. Manages a connection pool and running blocking tasks using tokio::task::spawn_blocking which does not block the tokio event loop.