[][src]Trait gotham::extractor::PathExtractor

pub trait PathExtractor<B>: for<'de> Deserialize<'de> + StaticResponseExtender<ResBody = B> + StateData where
    B: Payload
{ }

Defines a binding for storing the dynamic segments of the Request path in State. On failure the StaticResponseExtender implementation extends the Response to indicate why the extraction process failed.

This trait is automatically implemented when the struct implements the Deserialize, StateData and StaticResponseExtender traits. These traits can be derived, or implemented manually for greater control.

The default behaviour given by deriving all three traits will use the automatically derived behaviour from Serde, and result in a 400 Bad Request HTTP response if the path segments are not able to be deserialized.


#[derive(Deserialize, StateData, StaticResponseExtender)]
struct MyPathParams {
    id: i32,
    slug: String,

fn handler(mut state: State) -> (State, Response<Body>) {
    let MyPathParams { id, slug } = MyPathParams::take_from(&mut state);
    let body = format!("id = {}, slug = {}", id, slug);

    let response = create_response(

    (state, response)

fn router() -> Router {
    build_simple_router(|route| {


impl<T, B> PathExtractor<B> for T where
    B: Payload,
    T: Deserialize<'de> + StaticResponseExtender<ResBody = B> + StateData

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