[][src]Module gotham::handler

Defines types for handlers, the primary building block of a Gotham application.

A function can be used directly as a handler using one of the default implementations of Handler, but the traits can also be implemented directly for greater control. See the Handler trait for some examples of valid handlers.



Defines handlers for serving static assets. Defines handlers for static assets, used by to_file and to_dir routes. Both 'If-None-Match' (etags) and 'If-Modified-Since' are supported to check file modification. Side-by-side compressed files for gzip and brotli are supported if enabled See 'FileOptions' for more details.



Describes an error which occurred during handler execution, and allows the creation of a HTTP Response.



A Handler is an asynchronous function, taking a State value which represents the request and related runtime state, and returns a future which resolves to a response.


Allows conversion into a HandlerError from an implementing type.


Represents a type which can be converted into the future type returned by a Handler.


Represents a type which can be converted to a response. This trait is used in converting the return type of a function into a response.


A type which is used to spawn new Handler values. When implementing a custom Handler type, this is used to define how instances of the Handler are created.

Type Definitions


A type alias for the trait objects returned by HandlerService.