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Due to rustdoc lacking an important feature, you will have to build the documentation including private items to be able to look up all the functions and traits that are defined by type aliases. If you are viewing this on docs.rs, the private items should already be included.



Abstract description of a command as specified in some external document.




The types described by the GTP specification. They have an ever growing collection of useful methods to manipulate them. The most interesting should currently be the conversions to more usual data types of Rust.




In GTP, commands are sent one way (Controller -> Engine) and responses another (Engine -> Controller). Representations of both of these, ready to be sent out, are provided here.

Type Definitions


Despite its name, GTP feels like a binary protocol and we will treat it as such. Consequently, all “text” is a sequence of bytes. To emphasize that these bytes are not used for their numerical value but rather their property of “most generic kind of data” we will explicitly refer to them as Byte instead of u8.