Struct google_adexchangebuyer1d4::DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTerms[][src]

pub struct DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTerms {
    pub guaranteed_impressions: Option<String>,
    pub fixed_prices: Option<Vec<PricePerBuyer>>,
    pub minimum_daily_looks: Option<String>,
    pub guaranteed_looks: Option<String>,
    pub billing_info: Option<DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTermsBillingInfo>,

There is no detailed description.

This type is not used in any activity, and only used as part of another schema.


Guaranteed impressions as a percentage. This is the percentage of guaranteed looks that the buyer is guaranteeing to buy.

Fixed price for the specified buyer.

Count of minimum daily looks for a CPD deal. For CPD deals, buyer should negotiate on this field instead of guaranteed_looks.

Count of guaranteed looks. Required for deal, optional for product. For CPD deals, buyer changes to guaranteed_looks will be ignored.

External billing info for this Deal. This field is relevant when external billing info such as price has a different currency code than DFP/AdX.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTerms

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impl Clone for DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTerms

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impl Debug for DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTerms

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impl Part for DealTermsGuaranteedFixedPriceTerms

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