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This library provides a simple API for goldenfile testing.

Goldenfile tests generate one or more output files as they run. At the end of the test, the generated files are compared to checked-in "golden" files produced by previous runs. This ensures that all changes to goldenfiles are intentional, explicit, and version controlled.


fn test() {
  let mut mint = Mint::new("tests/goldenfiles");
  let mut file1 = mint.new_goldenfile("file1.txt").unwrap();
  let mut file2 = mint.new_goldenfile("file2.txt").unwrap();

  write!(file1, "Hello ").unwrap();
  write!(file1, "World!").unwrap();
  write!(file2, "Foo").unwrap();
  write!(file2, "Bar").unwrap();

  // When the Mint goes out of scope, it will check the new contents of file1
  // and file2 against their version controlled "golden" contents and fail the
  // test if they differ.
  // To update the goldenfiles themselves, run:
  //     env REGENERATE_GOLDENFILES=1 cargo test


pub use mint::*;



Functions for comparing files.


Used to create goldenfiles.