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This library provides a simple API for goldenfile testing.

Goldenfile tests generate one or more output files as they run. At the end of the test, these output files are compared to the same files produced by previous runs. This ensures that:

  1. Goldenfiles cannot change accidentally.
  2. All changes are explicit and version controlled.


fn test() {
  let mut mint = Mint::new("tests/goldenfiles");
  let mut file1 = mint.new_goldenfile("file1.txt").unwrap();
  let mut file2 = mint.new_goldenfile("file2.txt").unwrap();

  write!(file1, "Hello ").unwrap();
  write!(file1, "World!").unwrap();
  write!(file2, "Foo").unwrap();
  write!(file2, "Bar").unwrap();

  // When the Mint goes out of scope, it will check the new contents of file1
  // and file2 against their old (golden) contents and fail the test if they
  // differ. The original contents will not be modified unless you run:
  //     env REGENERATE_GOLDENFILES=1 cargo test


pub use mint::*;



Functions for comparing files.


Used to create goldenfiles.