[][src]Trait glutin::os::ContextTraitExt

pub trait ContextTraitExt {
type Handle;
    unsafe fn raw_handle(&self) -> Self::Handle;
unsafe fn get_egl_display(&self) -> Option<*const c_void>; }

Platform-specific extensions for OpenGL Contexts.

Associated Types

type Handle

Raw context handle.

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Required methods

unsafe fn raw_handle(&self) -> Self::Handle

Returns the raw context handle.

unsafe fn get_egl_display(&self) -> Option<*const c_void>

Returns a pointer to the EGLDisplay object of EGL that is used by this context.

Return None if the context doesn't use EGL.

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impl<T: ContextCurrentState> ContextTraitExt for Context<T>[src]

type Handle = RawHandle

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