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Crate which contain the virtual machine which executes gluon programs


pub extern crate gluon_base as base;


The marshalling api

Internal types and functions exposed to the main gluon crate

Module providing the building blocks to create macros and expand them.

Module containing functions for interacting with gluon’s primitive types.

The thread/vm type


Declares fields useable by the record macros

Implements the proxy methods, letting only from_value be specified

Creates a GluonFunction from a function implementing VMFunction

Macro that creates a record that can be passed to gluon

Macro that creates a record that can be passed to gluon. Reuses already declared fields instead of generating unique ones.

Creates a pattern which matches on marshalled gluon records

Creates a Rust type compatible with the type of record_no_decl!



Representation of all possible errors that can occur when interacting with the vm crate

Type Definitions

Type returned from vm functions which may fail