[][src]Trait glsp::CallableOps

pub trait CallableOps: Sealed {
    fn name(&self) -> Option<Sym>;
fn arg_limits(&self) -> (usize, Option<usize>); fn min_args(&self) -> usize { ... }
fn max_args(&self) -> Option<usize> { ... } }

The callable abstract type.

glsp:call can be used to call any type which implements this trait.

This trait is sealed. It's not possible to implement this trait for your own types.

Required methods

fn name(&self) -> Option<Sym>

Returns this function's registered name, if any.

fn arg_limits(&self) -> (usize, Option<usize>)

Returns this function's minimum and maximum argument count.

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Provided methods

fn min_args(&self) -> usize

Returns this function's minimum argument count.

fn max_args(&self) -> Option<usize>

Returns this function's maximum argument count, if any.

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impl CallableOps for Callable[src]

impl CallableOps for RFn[src]

impl CallableOps for Root<Class>[src]

impl CallableOps for Root<GFn>[src]

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