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GLSL compiler

This crate is a GLSL450 compiler. It’s able to parse valid GLSL450 formatted source into an abstract syntax tree (AST). That AST can then be transformed into SPIR-V, your own format or even folded back to a raw GLSL String (think of a minifier, for instance).

You’ll find two main modules:

  • parser, which exports most of the parsers to parse the whole or a part of GLSL source (intermediary parsers)
  • syntax, which exports the AST

Feel free to inspect those modules for further information.

Quick parsing

If you’re just looking for a parser that would give you the AST for a shader, you might be interested in translation_unit.



GLSL parsers.


GLSL abstract syntax tree and grammar.




Parser rewriter, discarding whitespaces and comments.