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Gloo is a modular toolkit for building fast and reliable libraries and apps with Rust and WebAssembly.


  • consoleconsole
    The JavaScript’s console object provides access to the browser’s console. Using the console object in Rust/WASM directly is cumbersome as it requires JavaScript glue code. This crate exists to solve this problem by providing a set of ergonomic Rust APIs to deal with the browser console.
  • dialogsdialogs
    This crate provides wrapper for alert, prompt and confirm functions. web-sys provides a raw API which is hard to use. This crate provides an easy-to-use, idiomatic Rust API for these functions.
  • eventsevents
    Using event listeners with web-sys is hard! This crate provides an EventListener type which makes it easy!
  • filefile
    Working with files and blobs on the Web.
  • historyhistory
    A module that provides universal session history and location information.
  • netnet
    HTTP requests library for WASM apps. It provides idiomatic Rust bindings for the web_sys fetch and WebSocket API.
  • renderrender
    Crate that provides wrapper for requestAnimationFrame
  • storagestorage
    This crate provides wrappers for the Web Storage API
  • timerstimers
    Working with timers on the Web: setTimeout and setInterval.
  • utilsutils
  • workerworker
    Workers are a way to offload tasks to web workers. These are run concurrently using web-workers.