[][src]Crate gleam_finder

This crate contains tools you can use to get gleam giveaways links.

You can search google for every youtube video mentionning gleam.io in the last hour with google::search().
After you got this links to youtube, you can load the pages and parse the description to get gleam.io links with youtube::resolve().
In the future you will be able to parse gleam pages.


use gleam_finder::*;
// loop to search on the 4 first page of google results
for page in 0..4 {
    for link in google::search(page) {
        println!("resolving {}", link);
        for gleam_link in intermediary::resolve(&link) {
            println!("gleam link found: {}", gleam_link);



Empty for now. Will be used to scan gleam page


Contains functions related to google pages parsing.


Use this mod when you want to get gleam links from google results