[][src]Trait git_checks::impl_prelude::Content

pub trait Content {
    fn workarea(&self, ctx: &GitContext) -> Result<GitWorkArea>;
fn sha1(&self) -> Option<&CommitId>;
fn diffs(&self) -> &Vec<DiffInfo>;
fn path_diff(&self, path: &FileName) -> Result<String>; fn modified_files(&self) -> Vec<&FileName> { ... } }

A trait for representing the content of a diff.

This may be used for checks which do not require any metadata.

Required methods

fn workarea(&self, ctx: &GitContext) -> Result<GitWorkArea>

A workarea which may be used to work on the content.

fn sha1(&self) -> Option<&CommitId>

The SHA1 of the commit (if the content is of a commit).

fn diffs(&self) -> &Vec<DiffInfo>

The differences in the content.

fn path_diff(&self, path: &FileName) -> Result<String>

Get the patch difference for the given path.

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Provided methods

fn modified_files(&self) -> Vec<&FileName>

Return a vector of files modified in a diff.

This excludes paths which are either not actually files (e.g., submodules and symlinks), as well as paths which were deleted in this commit.

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impl Content for Commit[src]

impl Content for Topic[src]

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