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Configurations for Git checks

When using git checks, it is often useful to store what checks to read within configuration files. This crate allows for checks to also offer support for reading structures from configuration files and turning them into instances of checks. Another point is that adding another check to a crate requires consumers to update to consume that new check. Here, the inventory is used to create a global registry that consuming applications can use to automatically discover new checks added to the application from anywhere.


One downside of this is that there is then one “blessed” serialization for a check. This crate aims to not preclude such uses and as such, checks themselves should generally not implement Deserialize. Instead, a separate structure should be created which then creates the check.


struct MyCheck {
    field1: bool,

impl Check for MyCheck {
    // implementation

struct MyCheckConfig {
    field1: bool

impl IntoCheck for MyCheckConfig {
    type Check = MyCheck;

    fn into_check(self) -> Self::Check {
        MyCheck {
            field1: self.field1,

register_checks! {
    MyCheckConfig {
        "name_of_check" => CommitCheckConfig,


pub use inventory;


Register configuration structures with inventory.


Registry type for branch checks.

Registry type for commit checks.

Registry type for topic checks.


Trait for a deserialization structure of a check.