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Giphy API wrapper for Rust

The library provides a wrapper for Giphy HTTP API.


Version 0.4.0 is modern-Rust implementation providing all the methods for searching and retrieving GIFs from Giphy using v1 API. Both synchronous and asynchronous styles are supported by the library.

Stickers and posting GIFs to Giphy is currently not supported.


Synchronous API

Create a synchronous reqwest::blocking::Client and SyncApi object holding your API key

use giphy::v1::sync::*;

let client = reqwest::blocking::Client::new();
let api = SyncApi::new("[your Giphy API key]".to_string(), client);

Then create and customise an appropriate request object from giphy::v1::gifs module to make the request.

For example, to search for gifs related to “tacos”

use giphy::v1::gifs::SearchRequest;

let response = SearchRequest::new("tacos")  // Create search request
    .with_limit(10)                         // Limit the number of objects in response
    .send_to(&api)                          // Send the request using SyncApi
    .unwrap_or_else(|e|                     // Unwrap the response Result
        panic!("Search request failed: {:?}", e)

let first_result =            // will contain GIFs data
        panic!("No results returned from Giphy")

Asynchronous API

Create an asynchronous reqwest::async::Client and AsyncApi object holding your API key

use giphy::v1::r#async::*;

let client = reqwest::Client::new();
let api = AsyncApi::new("[your Giphy API key]".to_string(), client);

The request object is created the same way as when using the synchronous API. The only difference is, [send_to] method will return a [Future] object when called with AsyncApi.

use giphy::v1::gifs::SearchRequest;

async fn main() {
  // Create search request the same way as with synchronous api
  let response = SearchRequest::new("tacos")
    .send_to(&api) // Send the request using AsyncApi, this returns a Future

  println!("Response: {:?}", response);

More examples

See examples for showcase of all the currently possible Giphy HTTP API requests in both synchronous and asynchronous style.

To run the examples, create a .env file in the repository root with the following content

GIPHY_API_KEY_TEST=[your Giphy API key]


Giphy API v1 wrapper for Rust